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A mirror can do everything that we can do……except for thinking. Still the mirror holds its uniqueness for special reasons:

Takes the image of the ‘Life or Thing’ in front of it

Introduces ourselves

Conflicting Metaphors

Notice, introspect & act on things we can’t see by ourselves

Bridges the past to the future

Careers & Lives

People would like to ‘be prepared for the change’ by having ‘clear pathways’ that can lead them to their destinations. This has more to do with ‘choices’ than ‘chances’ because we strongly believe that – “Careers Evolve from

 the changes as you grow, connect, interpret, visualize and sensitize” on choices that changes bring. And, this would require a meticulous planning, feeling in control, building confidence & finding solutions on aspects that might get in the way of life. Thus Careers & Lives share one thing in common……success & stories that have unique circumstances that will set you apart from the competition.

Is this YOU?

If you’ve been engaged in an institutional search or career transition for a while, and feel a little stuck, it’s possible that the problem isn’t your diligence, skill set or your attitude. All that it could be is – you haven’t taken enough time to understand and craft the story of your career. And, it matters…..because How much of what you are doing now is guided by your own inner voice?

If you are moving through a career crossroad, which road you would like to take and why? What can result from the road you choose?
If you are currently at a crossroad, what is the dilemma you are in?
If you are not prepared for the change and confident on the choice to make, who can help you?

Connecting Careers

Change means making a choice into the future. It can be like going to high school to college, school to work or from one job to the next…..which is all about choosing the “Right Door Way” that gives you the direction to the ‘making of a career & life’. This can happen to anyone…..and you may also need the help because you are facing a change in your life: <strong>getting into a career that can help author your life at large….than someone else doing it for you</strong>. This is what Ambitions (WE) do for you.

Ambitions & you

Our portfolio of ‘Academic Career Management Services’ are similar to what others have in offer. But, we differ by looking at each one of yours as a ‘Unique Life Story’ and help you craft / drive your academic career choices with a clearer sense of direction and purpose that is meaningful to you and to all those whom you matter the most.

Ambitions acts like a mirror that you hold to look at yourself more closely.
We create a platform wherein you will tell, we will hear and together put into action your own ‘Life Career Story’.
With us you can reflect on your career related interests, abilities, personality, and educational options that could help you add meaning to your career plans & choices.
We apply career counselling principles that help you make choices about successfully managing the career choices, transitions & future career directions.
Team Ambitions help you listen, explore, identify & decide on Authoring you Careers…..Lives.