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The goal is where the road to success begins, however choosing a career is not just about having a goal and working hard for it, we believe that it is more about having a goal that is well suited, one for which the student has aptitude, interest, and personality. This requires the understanding of self and the world of work.


Based on our combined training and industry experience, Ambitions launched Career Counselling Program in the year 2013 and since then has successfully helped many students in finding their career paths.

Our career developments tasks for students:

  • Promoting Self-understanding
  • Developing career alternatives
  • Understanding the world of work
  • Skills for career preparation

How we help you find the best career choices

We begin by giving the students an insight into their aptitude, interests, career beliefs and personality using university certified tests.
We than help them understand the world of work, making them aware of key career and work-related concepts.
We than help them identify careers they could consider.
We help them prepare for this career by giving information about the career and the career paths one needs to take.

The program is designed after thorough research and is sure to help students in planning, building, and creating clarity on their career goals. Find attached a planned schedule of the career counseling program and profiles of our trainers.

Our Counseling Supported by


Learning Cards


Learning Cards

flip charts

Flip Charts


University Certified Tests

Career dictionary

Career dictionary

Potential based advice

Learning Cards

Career information cards

Career Information Cards

164 career options (approved by ILO)

164 career options (approved by ILO)

Our Counselling Mode


Career counselling for high school students, where students are guided by providing them with alternate courses/career options once they finish their School/10+2. We help students in understanding their true potential by conducting various personalities, skill-based and psychometric tests thereby help them understand in aligning their careers with their true potential.

Workshop/ Group Counseling  

Career counseling for group of students (maximum batch size of 30) from similar class at their school or college premises, where the students are engaged for one full day in various activities to make them aware of self-interests and then help them making alternative career plans. The session is closed by having an interactive FAQ session with the students and their parents

Our Counsellors

is a Ph.D in management from Osmania University. He has 18 years of experience in producing powerful learning opportunities for various courses in business studies and corporate training. He is also an adjunct faculty in many business schools. He specializes in career counseling and sales training.
is a Established Brain based certified coach and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions. In-depth experience in performance coaching, behavioral Skills, Campus to Corporate, Employability Skills, Sales Skills training and Personality Enrichment training to various professional institutions, NGO’s & corporate sectors. Passion, humor and audience involvement are key elements of his workshops.

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