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We are happiest and most successful when we learn, develop and work in the ways that makes best use of our natural intelligences (our strengths, style and brain type in other words). This indicator helps you to focus on the sorts of learning and work that are most fulfilling and rewarding for you. However the results of the test entirely dependent on how honestly you score against each option. There is no right or wrong potential area and hence it is advised that you assign a score that you feel describes you without taking time thinking about the right score.
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Score the following statements: 1 = Mostly Disagree, 2 = Slightly Disagree, 3 = Slightly Agree, 4 = Mostly Agree

S.No. Statement Score
1 I find it easiest to solve problems which require physical effort
2 I find budgeting and managing my money easy
3 I find it easy to make up stories
4 I have always been very athletic
5 When talking to someone, I tend to listen to the words they use not just what they mean
6 I enjoy cross words, word searches or other word puzzles
7 I don’t like ambiguity, I like things to be clear
8 I enjoy logic puzzles such as 'Sudoku'
9 I can lie convincing liar
10 I play a sport or dance
11 People behaving irrationally annoy me
12 I am a very social person and like being with other people
13 I like to be systematic and thorough
14 I find graphs and charts easy to understand
15 I can throw things well - darts, skimming pebbles, Frisbees, etc.
16 I find it easy to remember quotes or phrases
17 I can always recognize places that I have been before, even when I was very young
18 When I am concentrating I tend to scribble
19 I could manipulate people if I choose to
20 I find mental arithmetic easy
21 At school one of my favorite subjects is / was English
22 I like to think through a problem carefully, considering all the consequences
23 I enjoy debates and discussions
24 I love adrenaline sports and scary rides
25 I care about how those around me feel
26 My house is full of pictures and photographs
27 I enjoy and am good at making things - I'm good with my hands
28 I find it easy to remember telephone numbers
29 I am a person who likes to touch and feel things
30 I can tell easily whether someone likes me or dislikes me
31 I can easily imagine how an object would look from another perspective
32 I never use instructions for things which need to be assembled
33 I find it easy to talk to new people
34 To learn something new, I need to just get on and try it
35 I often see clear images when I close my eyes
36 I don’t use my fingers when I count
37 I often talk to myself – out loud or in my head
38 When I am abroad, I find it easy to pick up the basics of another language
39 I find ball games easy and enjoyable
40 My favorite subject at school is / was maths
41 I am very aware of other people’s body language
42 My favorite subject at school was / is art
43 I find pleasure in reading
44 I can read a map easily
45 It upsets me to see someone cry and not be able to help
46 I am good at solving disputes between others
47 I prefer team sports
48 I never get lost when I am on my own in a new place
49 If I am learning how to do something, I like to see drawings and diagrams of how it works
50 My friends always come to me for emotional support and advice